About Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades are the original cellular shade, engineered to bring you the design characteristics your looking for while also providing energy efficiency in warm and cold weather.


  • We include sheer, semi sheer, semi opaque and blackout shades so you can control the light in your home.
  • Our fabrics provide a brilliant range of hues, patterns and 5 distinct cell sizes, making it easy to fit your window needs
  • Do you have unusual shaped windows? No worries, we have custom sizes for that.
  • Stain and wrinkle resistant, these fabrics need little to no upkeep

Control Options

Standard Cordlock

Works with an easy to use
pull cord that can be locked
in any position desired. Cleats
help keep cords tight so
kids and pets are safe.

Cordless Lift

A slight push or pull on the
handle lifts or lowers the shade
to any position. Our cordless  shades
offer a elegant look, and provides
an added child and pet safety.

Cordless Lift & Lock

Press the button on the bottomrail
handle to lift and lower the shade
to your desired height. Release the
button to securely lock the shade into
desired place. A child-safe option.

Continuous Cord Loop

Raise oversized or heavy shades
with ease. The cord loop remains
a constant length while the cord
tensioner eliminates dangling cords
for enhanced child safety.

Remotelift 2.0

Battery-operated motorized system
lowers and raises shades with
the touch of a button. Perfect
for hard-to-reach windows or
everyday light and privacy control.

Momenta App

Used with RemoteLift 2.0
motorization, the Momenta app
allows you to raise, lower
and position your shades with
your smart device from anywhere.
You can even schedule shades
to operate on their own
at programmed times.

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